Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Journey

   The leaves sweep across the paved path, allowing the sunrise to make an entrance. Birds scatter the planes of land searching for crumbs if golden glitter. The wind is calm with sudden rushes of speed helping the world take off for the morning. There's a mist to the land; a shade protecting us from the dangers which lie ahead.
The cars rocket past along the gravel dominated road. Cars of red, blue, green, silver and black tones race along. The bright beams of early sunrise reflect off the hoods allowing another crack and another cranny to become lit with the fluorescent glow.

   Unwanted shopping bags fly with the birds and descend back to the ground. Fallen twigs scrap against the ground until they can go no further. A foot crunches down on one as the owner strides along. The misery of the clouds declares that the poor old twig is gone. 

  A whistling hits the land as the wind picks up its pace. The rain begins to plummet. The trees begin to groan. The cars move on and the people step along the god-punished road. 

  The destination isn't far now whether it's work or school or home. The people push forward as the challenge of nature crows. The rain droplets chase them, catch them and cover them. The gale forces hug them and tug them until they're at the door. 


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