Sunday, 4 January 2015

Resolutions to Make and (probably) Break


By now we've all seen midnight strike on New Year's and toasted to a "happy new year" whilst either in bed, partying the night away to the fireworks, or elsewhere (I was stretched out on my sofa whilst watching Adam Lambert rocking out with Brian May and Roger Taylor on the TV). 

The first of January is the day when we all make resolutions which are likely to be broken within a week. Maybe you want to give up chocolate - we've all been there before.

Or maybe you want to increase your fitness (let me know how the gym membership works out... some relationships just aren't meant to be).

Now, I've never been one for resolutions. The idea of restricting myself brings pain to my soul. However in saying that, this year I have come up with a few resolutions that ADD to my life.

Resolution number one: Drink more water. During 2014 I had random weeks where I would challenge myself to drink only water and to drink it frequently. I noticed that I felt more awake and productive so this year I want to maintain that. I don't want to restrict this to just water as I love my tea and orange juice/squash but I do want to drink MORE of these.
My current TBR pile

Resolution number two: Read more books!! Last year I managed twenty two (insert sad face here). During the summer I read hardly any books as I developed a little addiction to and devoured as many Hunger Games fanfics as I could possibly manage. BUT, this year I have set myself a goal on goodreads to read forty books and I WILL conquer it! 

Resolution number three: Write more. I have a bunch of writing projects that I want to complete and have already set up times around my college timetable to squeeze writing in. I have a small goal of three hundred words a day which, yes, is not a lot but it is plausible.

Resolution number four: Learn more songs on the guitar. 2014 saw me learn hardly any new pieces due to school life becoming college life. I was at grade four at the beginning of last year and I've only just cracked open a grade five book... oops. 

Hopefully, *fingers crossed*, I will be able to keep these up until the fireworks for 2016 are cracking through the night sky on the eve of the new year.


Thanks for reading!
Let me know in the comments what your resolutions are (and how many books you plan to read this year). I also want to dive into the blogging community so feel free to leave links for me to have a read of.


  1. One of my resolution is also reading books. Would you share some of your reading list in 2015? I would love to know..

    1. Hi, Ayu. Some books that feature on my reading list include 'The Night Circus', 'The Humans', 'Dash and Lily's Book of Dares', 'Every Day', 'One Day', and quite a few others.
      Thanks for the comment :)