Sunday, 5 April 2015

Liebster Award Nomination!

This a bit of a personal, get-to-know-me kind of post. Recently Found Some Paper did a similar post and tagged me to answer some questions of her own (ah, exciting!). You can click here if you want to have a little browse through her post. 

So, here are the questions I have been asked by Uli.

1. What’s your favourite movie of all time?
Is it bad that I don't have an answer to this? My movie-favourite is changing constantly. I think I love a film until I watch another film and instantly have the urge to persuade everyone and anyone into watching it! Just give me all the movies and all the time to watch them! But if I have to pick just one I'll go for Matilda (sorry other favourite films). Matilda is a film I've loved watching since around the age of nine. I read the book countless times as a child and it was probably my favourite childhood story of all time, too. I remember watching the film one time when I was home from school feeling ill and watching the Bruce Bogtrotter cake eating scene really didn't help - it's safe to say I didn't watch it for a while after that. 

2. When was the last time you sent a postcard or letter?
Uhm... ah... oo... not for a while, maybe? I think the pile of Eeyore envelopes collecting dust in my drawer say a lot in answer to this... *awkward laugh*. In all honesty most of the people I need to talk to I see every week, whether that's in college, at home or just by meeting up.

3. What’s your biggest achievement?
Starting this blog was an achievement. "Should I?" and "maybe not" were spinning round my head like crazy beforehand until I just hit the button to create it.

4. Who is your regular inspiration?
One of my closest friends. If you ever need a definition of creative I will just hand her to you.

5. Which Instagram account should I follow?
*scrolls through Instagram feed vigorously*. And the result is (feel free to drum roll): ALibraryForAries! If you love books and just looking at books all day every day... hit the follow button!

6. What flowers would you send a friend?
Lilies.. My flower knowledge sucks so this is a really badly informed decision. Plus my friends would definitely prefer some kind of food or cinema trip. 

7. What’s the best Pinterest board you followed and why?
"I don't use Pinterest," she murmurs. Gah! The horror! 

8. Which app would you recommend except the usual social suspects?
Duolingo. This is your language learning holy grail. Not much more needs to be said.

9. If you compare yourself with a city which one would it be and why?
Why is this so hard?! I want to say Stockholm: a variety of moods and general intrigue. 

10. What’s your beauty secret?
Ditch all the beauty-doolally and use the time to do something you enjoy (unless you enjoy the beauty-doolally. In that case you can ignore what I just said). I know for some people this seems like a big no no, not in a billion years, but do you really need to spend those thirty minutes perfecting the art of make-up every day? 

11. Where in your home country should your friends travel to?
So I live in England, or the United Kingdom if you want to widen the scope out some more. I have barely travelled anywhere other than my home town, London and some parts of Essex in my nearly-seventeen years of living. Try Brighton. You've got your seaside with a pier and the town/city area with lanes full of independent shops including a number of book shops.

I nominateThe Crafty Fox | Live It Colorfully | The Misadventures of a Globetrotter in Training 
And these are my questions:
1. If you recommend one perspective-changing book, what would it be?
2. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been told?
3. If you had to create a bucket list right now, what would be the first thing on it?
4. Night or morning person?
5. If you could be any character in the land of fiction, who would you be and why?
6. We're in The Purge! What do you do?
7. What is one unusual thing you can do?
8. Do you play an instrument? Do tell!
9. What three words describe you best?
10. If you were a film, what genre would you be?
11. What is your idea of a perfect day?

If you do complete the tag, let me know in the comments leaving a link.
Thank you reading! 

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