Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Most Anticipated Book-to-Film Adaptations 2015

This year I've already been to the cinema a bunch of times to see the latest films including The Theory of Everything and Into the Woods to name but a few. But what I want to talk about is the upcoming book-to-film adaptations due to come to screen this year.

Insurgent (20th March)

I'm extremely excited to see Insurgent come to the screen as I believe the change in director has resulted in a better adaptation than Divergent was. Veronica Roth announced that the box in the trailer is part of a scene which sees most of the simulations in one, and I think it will be interesting to see how the film recreates those. 

Naomi Watts as Evelyn is a casting I'm still undecided on. In the trailer she appeared, in my opinion, to be slightly too young to be Tobias' mother. Another casting I'm on edge about is Edgar. He's part of the factionless in the trailer so I have a feeling he has been used instead of Edward since the iconic butter-knife scene didn't make the final cut in the first film.

Shailene Woodley and Theo James are back as Tris and Four again. For both actors, Insurgent is a much more emotional story full of arguments and sacrifice. Four has to face his abusive father who he has feared for most of his life. Tris has to deal with the lose of both her parents and her friend Will. One significant scene in the books for Tris is at Candor, both her and Four are put under truth serum and she has to admit, in front of Christina, that she killed Will.

You can watch the trailer here. Did anyone else have the urge to punch Caleb in the face whilst whispering "it should have been you"? From the trailer, what they seem to have worked on is set location/design. In Insurgent, we get to see so much more of Chicago including the other factions - especially Amity and Candor - which sets Divergent and Insurgent apart.

Paper Towns (19th June)

For me, Paper Towns was my favourite book out of the John Green collection. Looking for Alaska came close to it but something about the whole road-trip event won Paper Towns over for me. 

I'm glad Nat Wolff bagged the part of Q. I thought he made a great Isaac in TFIOS but didn't receive enough recognition for the role (anyone else agree?). At first, I wasn't overly happy with Cara playing Margo because I really did not picture the character looking anything like her. But, I think personality wise Cara will smash the role! 

All that's left to do now is wait for the trailer (and re-read the book as it's been about two years since I finished it).

The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials (18th September)

Ahh, I watched the first film again yesterday after buying the DVD yesterday. All I can say is: how will Scorch Trials work?! For me, the first two books in the trilogy were equally as brilliant to read but I could clearly imagine the world in the Scorch Trials and the reader inside me is screaming for them not to do it any differently!! 

I feel like Scorch Trials was potentially the book with the most plot twists in it in the series. From the gladers thinking they were safe, to the discovering they had to go into a trial with victims of the Flare, to the big Teresa and Aris thing going on. Dun, dun, dun! There's so much going on and I feel like the film crew will cut quite a lot from the final production. I'll be interested to see if they include Thomas' temporary 'removal' from the trial.

One casting I am really excited about is Jorge. Okay, so Giancarlo Esposito might not look the part... yet (have you seen the wonders film make-up departments can do?). But go watch the TV series Revolution and you'll understand that he could very easily pull off playing the part of Jorge. 

Mockingjay Part Two (20th November)

This is arguably my MOST anticipated film of this year because The Hunger Games was and still remains to be my first real fandom. I know that I will love and hate this film: love it for Everlark, and hate it for the deaths of, well,  my favourite characters. *Sobs quietly into my copy of Mockingjay*. I'm still wondering how they'll portray those half-human-half-lizard mutts...

Of course, in this half we'll get to see District Two and the Capitol. In the book we saw Katniss and Johanna train in the block in order to have a chance to join the rebel army - will they include this? Another thing we will get to see, and they did cast someone to play the fiddle so *fingers crossed*, Finnick and Annie getting married! Uplifting in the present time... kind of tragic in the future (still not over it).

Will Real or Not Real be included? The answer to that better be real. The game which the rebels play with Peeta to help him regain his memories. For me, it's needed because it is the first time Katniss shows him any kind of love since his hijacking.

As far as I know, the cast has yet to film the epilogue scene as they are waiting for it to be spring-time over in America. I will definitely be re-reading the trilogy in time/preparation for November. But for now, I am waiting for the trailer which is unlikely to be released until the end of the summer at the earliest.


Bye and thanks for reading!
Let me know what book-to-film adaptations you're looking forward to for this year.


  1. I can't wait for paper town the movie..That is my favorite John Green book!
    Love your blog, hope to see you soon on my blog


  2. I still need to read Paper Towns - I've heard so many great things about it! (And I had no idea there's going to be a film)
    I'm really looking forward to the other three, though. Funnily enough I wasn't a big fan of the Maze Runner book, but I really liked the film.

    1. Enjoy Paper Towns if you do get round to reading it!