Sunday, 17 May 2015

Why I'm All For Paperbacks!


I've had this post idea for a while and in that time I have started to edge slightly towards hardcovers. Only slightly. It think it's because the corners don't bend as easily in my rucksack. Isn't that annoying? Anyway, I am still a paperback fan and these are my reasons why:

Lighter to carry

So you know I carry my books in my bag. That's not the only thing in my bag. I normally have folders and a huge bottle of water and it's just a delight to know that I can carry a book too without a lot more extra weight. And I always have a book with me.

No dust-jackets

This is my number one pet-peeve about hardcovers. The book bends one way and the dust-jacket goes the other, plus it slips. All. The. Time. (I normally end up just putting the dust-jacket aside until the book goes back onto the shelf once read). On the other hand, you've got your naked paper back. That's right, it's naked. It doesn't need to wear a jacket. It wears it's real cover out in the open for all eyes to see. What a beauty. 
I have a little story about dust-jackets on books. Have you heard of the Gone series by Michael Grant? Well, my copy of Plague was a hardcover and came with a dust-jacket. Yes, very nice and sophisticated. I take the dust-jacket off and the cover is upside down. Okay, okay, maybe the jacket was just on the wrong way, right? Right? No. The pages were the other way up from the cover! What?! Each time I read the book without the jacket it looked like I was reading it upside down!


My book-budget is extremely limited. Usually paperbacks are cheaper than the hardcovers so it's obvious which one to go for - with the exception of newly released books which are almost always exclusive to hardcover for the first few months *sigh*. 

Easier to get comfortable with

Now this is subjective to, well, everyone! Personally I find that I can curl up a hell of a load more easily with a paperback than with a hardcover. It may be because the covers are less stiff, or it could be because of something else. Whatever it is, I just find laying on my side in bed with a paperback works better.

Thank you for reading!
Let me know below what you prefer in a book. 

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